Videography, VFX and Digital Distribution.

Dreaming of perfection is unrealistic, but unrealistic dreaming is perfection. ✌️🎬


Dr. Bombay 

Stockholm to Bombay

For his 20th anniversary as the legendary and eccentric character "Dr. Bombay" - the crazy and wild taxi driver, spice chef and snake charmer from Calcutta, Jonny Jakobsen invited a fan to produce the music video for his celebration single "Stockholm to Bombay". I made a colorful, vibrant and uptempo adventure video reminiscing the previous music videos and songs with flavors of 90s nostalgia and clever film making utilizing miniatures, 2D/3D animation and special effects.


What I do best.



Composition, color, branding, light, shapes etc. Shooting video and images are so much more than just pointing a camera at the subject and press record. If you truly want to succeed with video content you need to know everything there is about film and video. That's what I've decided to dedicate my life to. Research, shoot, edit, publish and analyse. Over and over and over again. It's a never ending process.

Content Distribution.

Creating a dope video is only 50% of the work. What's the point of having the greatest video of all time if no one watches it? Luckily I've invested tons of time learning how to reach an audience in an age of digital clusters of content.


I use multiple tools for achieving this including brand building, paid social campaigns, SEO & optimisation, growth hacking, social media management and more.


For this I use experience from hundreds of projects and up-to-date insider information from Facebook, Youtube and TikTok to help videos and projects lift from the ground and reach the audience it deserves.



When I started out with Videography and Digital Distribution many years ago I knew nothing about it. Almost everything I know today I've found out myself through articles, A/B testing, research, online courses, thousands of hours in the Adobe Creative Suite, in forums, troubleshooting etc.


For my fellow content creators I've started collecting everything I know in the tiedtke. academy - a digital building ground for tutorials, must-know-tips, troubleshooting and more. Free for everyone to learn.

Weekly inspiration from some great creators.


La Petite Valse

After reaching out to Lomography International about their brand new and revolutionary lens Petzval 58 BC based on the legendary design by Joseph Petzval in 1840, tiedtke. got an exclusive look at how the lens performs paired with the RED 8K Helium sensor - and what a image it produces. This is a story of how friends can drift apart, but how their similarities and bonds will always connect them in a universal way.

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RMR - Rascal

"And every sleepless night. Led me to where I am. Bitches that broke my heart
They became hoes I scam."

Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

"Ain't noting worse than losing your hero and couldn't say bye. So give 'em a rose while they still alive"

Lawrence - The Weather

"I won't talk about the weather, not with you we're not together, and it's hard to say if we'll ever be."